The Importance of Digital Marketing

Technology has made many improvements over time, modifying the way that we do things today. Cell phones have taken over with more convenient apps, and electronic mail has replaced old written letters that would take days or even weeks to arrive. For some realtors that have been in the game for 15+ years, although deeply appreciated for their many years of experience and knowledge; some of them need get with the new normal.

For those still relying solely on out of date marketing ways, happen to be missing out on a large audience and huge potential target marketing groups. Millennials do not respond well to old methods of marketing. With that being said, millennials are mostly first-time home buyers, they have graduated college, they have good jobs, and most importantly, they have money to spend. Millennials purchased over 35 percent of homes in 2016, and that trend continues to grow all the way up into the start of 2020 as well. Not onlAy is social media used by millennials, but social media is used by almost all demographics these days, and its influences on consumers marketing decisions are through the roof.

Setting up a Facebook business page, Twitter page, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn account is an absolute must! The more you have, the better you’re off. Sharing pictures and videos are key for engagement these days, not just sharing text. They want something that has a little more personality in it, as well as feeling like they have a first-hand experience of something.

Still not convinced? Not to worry, here are a few more reasons why digital marketing is so much trendier than traditional marketing:

  • You’ll save more money with digital marketing than print marketing: Looking back on printing costs, you might spend anywhere around $100 on flyers alone. Digital marketing is anywhere from zero to a very low cost.
  • Digital marketing happens to be extremely cheap, compared to advertising campaigns: Very good Facebook Sponsored campaign starts at just around $5, while hiring an ad company could cost you thousands.
  • By not having to run around, digital marketing saves time with templates: You can save templates on your computer, so the next time you can simply adjust a few pieces of information and you’re good to go. No need to go to multiple stores or shops every time.
  • Keep it short and simple with digital marketing: Compared to hours spent flying or days spent in the mail. digital marketing reaches the consumer in seconds.
  • It’s possible to build a digital marketing archive: People can search for you and see past marketing campaigns. Putting marketing flyers, videos, or photographs on your website and social media pages helps others, so they can reference them later, or show their friends